Passwords Coming to an End?

Globe3Have passwords had their day? Is there now a safer way to protect our access on the myriad of different sites that we use on a daily basis? It would appear the powers that be at Google believe so, in an article on Google outlines a couple of methods they are looking at to replace passwords and on the surface they seem like a good idea, obviously there will be issues to be ironed out, what happens if its lost? How quickly can access be restored? What if the device is stolen? But we assume that will be taken care of before any launch. On the other side of the coin It may cut down on the amount of phishing emails sent out, leaving our inboxes free from scam after scam. It should also remove the need for complex passwords so no more SaY67$.Kod just simple, easy to remember passwords. We feel something has to be done, and Google appears to be heading in the right direction in our opinion.

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