Existing Clients already with McKenna Web Design

Despite the company launching on the 4th of December this year, McKenna Web Design already had onboard two wonderful clients who have given them the experience and opportunity to start this new venture. The first client was actually gained way back on the 12th of July 2000 when Saint Anthony’s FC. Their site allowed me to hone my skills as a/developer as I was given free reign on all aspects of the site, and tried to keep it at the forefront of Junior Football Club Websites. The site is actually undergoing a massive re-development as we speak, so look out for news on this!!. Our second client we have on our books is Art by Mary Crowley. Mary is a wonderful watercolour artist based in Buncrana in Ireland and chose McKenna Web Design to set up an e-commerce site as well as an ASP.NET site showcasing her work. Mary’s contract has just been renewed and her site will soon be taking advantage of our new Search Engine Optimisation package to ensure that she can start to bring in the sales of her amazing artwork

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